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June 24, 2021

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The Need for Health Care for All

The importance of social research cannot be underestimated as new figures reveal ever more striking figures about the need for universal health care. The United States has been facing difficulties in its effort to provide health care for all citizens  →

How Moving to a Four Day Work Week Might Ease Unemployment

As dire news about the economy continues to unfold, we are forced to look back in history at other great economic downtimes for inspiration–and to new ideas that might radically change employment. The problem of unemployment and joblessness in this  →

Policy Recommendations for President Hu Jintao

Over the past 10 years, China has become an increasingly important presence and influence in international politics. The nation’s economy has grown exponentially as the initiatives first introduced and implemented by Deng Xiaoping’s Four Modernizations plan have matured and borne  →

Bush, Working Class Violations, and National PTSD: An Assessment of the Bush Administration through The Grand New Party and Right On

While Douthat and Salam’s detailed plan of action for GOP 2.0 touches on a number of significant events and trends that have increasingly pushed them out of favor with their once core constituency, the focus of this analysis of their  →

The First Amendment Protection of the Right to Burn the Flag

While the burning of the American flag is likely viewed by most to be a deplorable act, this very act should be protected by the First Amendment as it is a form of symbolic speech, no matter how disagreeable it  →

Virtues and Vices: An Exploration of Approaches

When discussing virtues and vices, particularly on a comparative level, there are a number of approaches one can take. It can be a difficult task for a writer to discuss these topics since many of our feelings on matters such  →

How Spiritual Beliefs Affect Our Religious Practices And Our Daily Lives

There is perhaps no examination of the self that is more important than the consideration of our spiritual beliefs and how these ideas and values affect our religious practices and our daily lives. Although this was not the case historically,  →

Muslim Prayer Service

For an outsider, there are many differences in the Muslim religion than for those who are used to Christian services. I attended a Muslim Friday prayer service outside of a traditional mosque and realized how many of the Muslim faith  →

Key Terms For Judaism

From the grim ashes of the Holocaust to the modern political struggles within the state of Israel, Judaism as a culture and way of life has faced a number of challenges. To better understand the differences between, for example, Christianity  →

On Breaking a Man-Made Law

Can humans ever be justified in breaking a law made by man? I believe the answer to this question is yes, especially when the law that is being broken is itself morally unjust and if the injustice built into the  →