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May 08, 2022

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War in Iraq Case Study

Pffiner’s case study, “The War on Iraq," is a concise explanation of how the Bush administration made the decision to initiate a war against Saddam Hussein. Given that the daily news remains focused on the complexities and casualties of this  →

Race and the Prison Population Disparities within an African-American Led Administration: Projections and Challenges

As this analysis of race and the prison population in the context of the wider body of important social research will discuss, not only are American prisons among the most populated in the world, they are disproportionately populated by minorities.  →

Illegal Immigration: An Overview of Entry, Risk, and Policy

Illegal immigration has been a steady presence in policy and public discussions for decades now and is often the subject of heated, emotional discussion and a wide breadth of important social research. What creates great tension is that there are  →

The Need for Health Care for All

The importance of social research cannot be underestimated as new figures reveal ever more striking figures about the need for universal health care. The United States has been facing difficulties in its effort to provide health care for all citizens  →

How Moving to a Four Day Work Week Might Ease Unemployment

As dire news about the economy continues to unfold, we are forced to look back in history at other great economic downtimes for inspiration–and to new ideas that might radically change employment. The problem of unemployment and joblessness in this  →

Policy Recommendations for President Hu Jintao

Over the past 10 years, China has become an increasingly important presence and influence in international politics. The nation’s economy has grown exponentially as the initiatives first introduced and implemented by Deng Xiaoping’s Four Modernizations plan have matured and borne  →

Bush, Working Class Violations, and National PTSD: An Assessment of the Bush Administration through The Grand New Party and Right On

While Douthat and Salam’s detailed plan of action for GOP 2.0 touches on a number of significant events and trends that have increasingly pushed them out of favor with their once core constituency, the focus of this analysis of their  →

Under what conditions should the government introduce constraints on liberty? What is the trade-off between liberty and security? Liberty and equality?

In the United States, one of the most cherished values is liberty, which is often equated with individualism and the rights to pursue one’s own interests, needs, and desires. Yet there are many examples in history and in our current  →

Contrast the “rational model of decision making" to “decision making in the polis."with e an example.

In a rational model of decision making, it is assumed that decisions can and should be arrived at based on adherence to a logical procedure, which the text identifies as consisting of four distinct steps: (1) defining the goal(s); (2)  →

Discuss the free rider problem in terms of interest mobilization. Why does Stone argue that “free rider theory" logic is betrayed by reality?

One of the problems that faces individuals and groups who are seeking to accomplish some sort of meaningful social change—whether in terms of ideology or actual policy—is the challenge of free-riders. The free-rider theory holds that there are a number  →