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May 08, 2022

Criminal Justice
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The First Amendment Protection of the Right to Burn the Flag

While the burning of the American flag is likely viewed by most to be a deplorable act, this very act should be protected by the First Amendment as it is a form of symbolic speech, no matter how disagreeable it  →

On Breaking a Man-Made Law

Can humans ever be justified in breaking a law made by man? I believe the answer to this question is yes, especially when the law that is being broken is itself morally unjust and if the injustice built into the  →

An Extended Definition of Workplace Sexual Harassment and Some Striking Statistics

There exists a multitude of possible definitions of sexual harassment, particularly as it relates to and creates a hostile or offensive work environment. One of the reasons why defining sexual harassment in the organizational context is challenging is because sexual  →

Death Penalty Enigma – Gary Ridgeway and the Green River Killings

Gary Ridgeway, a serial killer and confessed murderer of 48 women in the infamous Green River killings, sits right now in a jail cell fantasizing about what he did. With no remorse whatsoever, Ridgeway slaughtered women for decades with no regard for suffering,  →

Parent Responsibility for Children’s Crimes : A Legal and Ethical Discussion

As violence by juveniles has increased in recent years, the debate about parents’ legal responsibility for children’s behavior has escalated in many social research and public circles as well as within institutions, including the vast childrens’ services complex. Advocates of  →

Vulnerability and Victimization Among the Elderly: Fear Versus Facts

The purpose and objective of this analysis of crime and the elderly is to prove, through a review and analysis of recent research literature from the field of criminal justice, that while elderly people tend to consider themselves particularly vulnerable to becoming victims of  →

Elements of Judicial Decision-Making : How Judges Ideally Make Decisions

In an ideal judicial system, decision-making should occur as the result of the adherence to clear legal and ethical standards, the careful evaluation of any cases in which precedents were established, an assiduous interpretation of the law, and thorough consideration  →

Legal Case Study of Sarah Crone v. United States Parcel Service (2002) : Implications for Employers and Sex Discrimination

As demonstrated in this legal case analysis of Sarah Crone versus the United States Parcel Service (UPS) from 2002, sex discrimination lawsuits can often involve a number of factors and leave a number of elements in conjecture. What women can  →

Overview of California Senate Bill SB 840 (CHIRA)

California Senate Bill SB 840, also known as the California Health Insurance Reliability Act (CHIRA), was authored by California Democratic Senator Sheila Kuehl and was introduced to the state Senate in February, 2005, and was passed by the legislature, but  →

Evaluating Colorado’s Statute Changes: Criticism and Praise

In terms of actual numbers, the 1996 statute changes did have a significant impact on the phenomena related to violent crimes among adolescents. The changes have attracted outspoken criticism, however. According to Berman, “among [Colorado] juveniles sentenced to life since  →

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