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May 15, 2022

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Grammar, English, And Language

There are many different aspects to the English language but let’s start with a few of the basics. These are all critical elements to writing anything for school or professional life, including writing anything from a literature review for a  →

The Benefits of Youth Mixed Martial Arts and the Problem of Misinformation

Like many other activities for young people, mixed martial arts offer children the opportunity to take full advantage of their flexible joints, high level of energy, and enthusiasm to learn new skills. In addition, unlike many sports that are merely  →

The Economic Implications of a “Case Against College"

Part of the American dream, at least as it applies to young people, generally involves four years at a respectable institution followed by a “real"’ job, preferably in the same field one studies in college. In her article “The Case  →

Ethics, Private Opinion and Public Responsibility of Public School Teachers

As public servants tasked with the enormous responsibility of helping to create educated, responsible, and ethical citizens, public school teachers have a host of complex duties that require endless combinations of skills and decision-making strategies. Among some of the important  →

A Principle and Theory Based Proposed Preschool for Children Ages 3-6

Between the ages of three and six, children require preschools that can adapt to and encourage their rapidly developing linguistic, social, and motor skills. “The years between 3 and 6 are hardly a mere waystation in life, an interval spent  →

Diversity and the Practical Application of Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, as proposed in his work, Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, which appeared in 1993 and has since become the subject of debate, criticism, and enthusiastic praise from those across the educational spectrum,  →

Qualitative Research in Practice: “The Ethnography of an Electronic Bar"

“The Ethnography of an Electronic Bar: The Lesbian Café" by Shelley J. Correll is qualitative article that seeks to offer broader insights into what the term community actually means if it exists in an intangible location and furthermore, to describe  →

Qualitative Research in Narrative Form: “Wrong Side of the Tank"

The form of qualitative research employed in Cathy: Wrong Side of the Tank by Juanita Johnson-Bailey, takes a narrative form, and thus is significantly different than forms of research that rely almost exclusively on strict data interpretation to draw assumptions.  →

How Big of a Problem is Binge Drinking at College?

Donna Leinwand’s article, “College drug use, binge drinking rise", published in the national newspaper, USA Today, reports on results by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) regarding the prevalence of alcohol and drug use by college students.  →

Detailed Description of a Typical Pre-Veterinary Program (and what to do with your major)

The pre-veterinary major is a degree program that prepares students for advanced, graduate level training to become doctors of veterinary medicine (DVMs). While students who have set themselves the professional goal of becoming veterinarians could choose to major in any  →

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