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May 17, 2022

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Premarital Counseling : Approaches, Reasons and Risk

“Beginning in the 1960s, the divorce rate dramatically climbed to unprecedented levels. Although the divorce rate is no longer increasing, a recent study found that 43% of first marriages end in divorce or separation within 15 years” (Williams, 2007, p.  →

Jealousy and What it Indicates About the Inner State of Mind

Jealousy doesn’t just occur in romantic relationships. It can pertain to any aspect of life. A person can be jealous of a friend, co-worker or partner. You may find yourself being jealous of someone’s material possessions, happiness, lifestyle or talent.  →

Early Warning Signals of Serial Killers : What You Should Know

Serial killers often show early warning signs that are overlooked or go undiscovered during their childhood.  As a society of parents, how many future victims, and future killers could we possibly save by learning to recognize these early warning signs?  →

Tracing the Course of My Life Through Changing Musical Tastes

It is amazing how we can trace our development through our musical tastes and see how each phase of our life can be associated with a certain type of music and how this music then defines us in our memories, especially when  →

How Personality and Behavior Influence Psychology

Most people have experienced the phenomenon of attempting to change a negative behavior or habit and finding that change process difficult. Anyone who has made a resolution to stop smoking or to exercise daily, for example, knows first-hand how challenging the process  →

The Biological Causes of Depression – Looking For the Roots

It’s difficult to determine what the biological causes for depression might be, although a host of theories and hypotheses have been formed over the years. Although researchers have yet to identify a singular biological, genetic, or environmental cause for depression, there is a  →

The Use of MRI to Understand the Root of Depression

In an attempt to determine the specific causes of depression or, at least to gain a better understanding of the biological structure of the disease, MRI imagining techniques have been employed, usually as studies of those with depression and a  →

The Role of Hypothesis, Theory and Method in the Field of Psychology

One cannot underestimate the value of theories to the field of psychology. It is through using hypothesis, theory, research questions and the rigorous process of the scientific method that psychology can continue to advance as a science and as a practice. Anyone  →