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May 16, 2022

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The Societal Aftermath of World War I and Europe’s “Lost Generation"

There are few ways to effectively communicate the gravity of the paradigm shift that occurred throughout Europe following the final declaration of the armistice on November 11, 1918 which put an end to one of the most devastating and bloody  →

Montaigne and Sepulveda: Differences of Conquest & Culture

Two essays that address directly the issues of barbarity of native peoples, the motivations underlying conquest and subjugation, as well as the dual impacts for both the conquered and their conquerors could not address any of these matters in a  →

The Rise of Secularism in Medieval Europe

The state of medieval Europe around the time of Pope Boniface VIII represents a tumultuous time in history with dramatic struggles occurring between the secular ideas of a growing number of individuals, groups, and leaders against the once-dominant influence of  →

Why doesn’t Italy have a homogenous national culture? What are the reasons behind the lack of a strong national identity?

As Dickie notes, “Italy is an artificial, internally differentiated space which is, and has always been, traversed by a variety of historical forces" (19). In fact, when considering the very geographical makeup of the country, the sense of disunion is  →

Industrialization, Social Ferment and Consideration of Socialist Responses

Growing industrialization produced radical changes in the West and created challenges in society that had never emerged. The sheer volume of human labor required to support rapid industrialization created a historically unparalleled need for wage workers. With these changes came  →

Ceremony, Community and Celebration : The Dragon Boat Races

When one first begins to read Yang Sichang’s account of the dragon boat races, they seem to be about festivities and competition and more about the race itself than other matters. However, as he suggests that the “popular belief is  →

Housework and the Cult of Domesticity

From around 1820 until the American Civil War, the United States underwent rapid changes due in large part to the growth of mass industrialization. This era produced an unprecedented rise in the wealth and led the establishment of a firm  →

Analysis and Review of Redemption: Last Battle of the Civil War

In Redemption: Last Battle of the Civil War by Nicholas Lemann a new portrait of the period of Reconstruction in the south is painted. This one, in stark contrast to the glossier versions that are recognizable from film and textbooks,  →

Cultural Differences Between China’s Northern and Southern Regions

In order to best examine some of the fundamental real (and perceived or stereotypical) differences between northerners and southerners in China during this period, it is best to begin with a short work which is presented as direct advice regarding  →

The Armenian Genocide and the U.S. Response

When most consider the term “genocide" in the context of the twentieth century, the Jewish Holocaust is of ten the first event to spring to mind. However, the first genocide of the last century left vast numbers of villages and  →

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