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May 14, 2022

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Tricks for Beating Food Boredom

It can be really tough to deal with food boredom. Really tough. Most people have two kinds of food boredom. One is that you literally get bored with eating the same thing every single day, and the other kind of  →

Soups from the Heart

Soups have a long and rich culinary history that spans the globe. From the extraordinary Asian noodle soups, to the complex bouillions and stocks of France, to the vegetable rich offerings from Italy and the rest of Europe, no other  →

Tips for Cooking With Beans : Avoiding Stomach Upset and Respecting the Bean

Beans are an amazing source of protein and, given the extensive amount of variance among the types of beans available, add a sharp dash of color and texture to any meal. Whether you are planning on cooking with beans to  →

Tips for Serving Soup as a Main Dish at a Dinner Party

Serving soup as the main dish at a dinner party or for a large party of guests is a rather unorthodox choice and may make people wonder, but the decision to serve soup as a main course is a bold decision that  →

Mini-Guide to a Vegetarian Lifestyle

There are many benefits to a vegetarian diet but remember, it is a lifestyle choice. No amount of pressure or bullying should affect any decision you make, including what you eat. The benefits are health and ethical related. Where health  →

How the Rachel Ray Show on Food Network is Changing Everyday Cooking in America

Many years ago, long before the advent of Food Network and its heroes such as Rachel Ray, among other cooking talents, cooking shows were mostly relegated to PBS and perhaps a few local television stations. Moreover, this older style of  →

Pulsed Electric Fields (PEFs) Zap Milk and Create Healthier and Potentially Safer Dairy and Food Products

Researchers have begun extensive testing of the use of pulsed electric fields (PEFs) to control the number of harmful bacteria and other pathogens in milk and other food products that require pasteurization and sterilization to meet public health codes. While  →

Coke Versus Pepsi : Differences in Cultural History Rather than Taste

For many years, Coca Cola and Pepsi have enjoyed the position as the two most enjoyed soft drinks in the USA, as they have maintained their popularity over the past several decades. One can divide soft drink fans into two  →