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May 14, 2022

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Virtues and Vices: An Exploration of Approaches

When discussing virtues and vices, particularly on a comparative level, there are a number of approaches one can take. It can be a difficult task for a writer to discuss these topics since many of our feelings on matters such  →

How Spiritual Beliefs Affect Our Religious Practices And Our Daily Lives

There is perhaps no examination of the self that is more important than the consideration of our spiritual beliefs and how these ideas and values affect our religious practices and our daily lives. Although this was not the case historically,  →

Muslim Prayer Service

For an outsider, there are many differences in the Muslim religion than for those who are used to Christian services. I attended a Muslim Friday prayer service outside of a traditional mosque and realized how many of the Muslim faith  →

Key Terms For Judaism

From the grim ashes of the Holocaust to the modern political struggles within the state of Israel, Judaism as a culture and way of life has faced a number of challenges. To better understand the differences between, for example, Christianity  →

Comparison of the Lives (and Deaths) of Jesus and Muhammad

There are several important parallels between two of the central figures in two major world religions: Christianity and Islam. In both religions, two men served as intermediaries between God and the people and while they are an incredibly part of  →

Islam in the United States: Key Figures and Events

Colonialism as a whole was one of the most important forces in shaping the way the United States would eventually interact with those of the Muslim world. Land divisions created by colonial forces, for instance, created the root of the  →

Analysis and Review of Labour by Thomas Carlyle

In his diatribe on the inherent sacred function of work in our lives entitled “Labour" Thomas Carlyle suggests that it is only through work that we can escape despair and communicate with nature (in a universal sense) and achieve a  →

The Life of the Sixth Chan Patriarch Hui-neng

Buddhism traces its origins back to India, but it is generally considered to have arrived in China around the year 100, having attracted a sizeable following of religious and spiritual adherents just 200 years later (Wills, 1994). Like all religions,  →

Five Pillars of Islam

The Five Pillars of Islam are the expression of many of the important foundations of the faith, which are expressed during Muslim prayer services and other practices. The Five Pillars of Islam are considered to be commandments and it is  →

The History of Falwell and The Moral Majority

From the earliest days of this country’s history, religion has played both a central and a conflicting role with respect to the structure, organization, and function of political life.[1][2] The founding fathers recognized that religion, while profoundly important for society, could  →