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May 13, 2022

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Placing Balanced, Appropriate Value on Educators Relative to Other Professions

While some schools have experimented with incentive-based salary increases for teachers based on objective standards such as test achievement, this seems like an unbalanced cornerstone for determining a teacher’s worth as test results vary greatly across districts and class types.  →

The Human Impact on the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands, situated several hundred miles off the coast of the South American country Ecuador, are an ecological treasure with an amazing level of biodiversity. The Galapagos are comprised of 13 large islands, six small islands, and 40 islets that  →

The Contributions of the United States to Global Warming & Change

News about global warming or issues related to climate change in or, as the subject of this argument about climate change and the United States suggests, because of America is becoming more prevalent. In recent months, concerns about climate change  →

Types of Marine Sediments

There are four basic types of marine sediments, all of which are grouped and ordered by the origin of their particles, the grain sizes, and where they are deposited. These four kinds include lithogenous, biogenous, hydrogenous, and cosmogenous. All of  →

An Extended Definition of Wetlands and the Impact of the Loss of Wetlands

Wetlands are critical to our biodiversity and the protection of wetlands is essential. Before examining the effects of the loss of wetlands, it is important to give a definition of wetlands and provide an overview of what they are, where  →

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