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April 12, 2022

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Ham Radio Resource Guide

Ham radio, also known as amateur radio, offers a way for individuals to communicate with others around the world. Many enjoy ham radio as a hobby, learning about radio communication and building radios from the ground up to carry out  →

What are Data Loggers and What is a Data Logger Used For?

Simply put a data logger is a small device that is used to store information or data. A data logger is a device that gains information such as a serial communication system or a plug-in board. These systems utilize a  →

Three Reasons to Use Joomla as a Content Management System

Whether you’re starting a new website or migrating a static Web site to a more dynamic platform, if content management is your biggest problem and you hope to make your site more engaging to visitors, your first choice of a  →

Privacy & Personal Information Online : One Day, Many Traces

The age of technology in which we are living has introduced numerous challenging philosophical and ethical issues regarding the relationship between the market and the notion of personal space and privacy rights.[1] Much of our lives are lived and transacted  →

How Long Does it Take to Train Speech Recognition Programs Like Dragon or on Vista?

Speech recognition software has come a long way since its first release several years ago and although it is still not perfect, there are many users of speech recognition software that boast accuracy rates of up to 99% but there  →

Different Perspectives and Ideas About Genetic Engineering and Genetic Technology

One of the most productive and controversial areas of scientific research today involves the study of the genetic code of humans, other animals, and plants. The field of genetics is exciting and fascinating, producing both compelling possibilities for health and  →

An Extended Definition of Strategic Systems for IT Management

Strategic systems are developed in response to critical issues that need addressed, based on to organization’s structure and technological needs, in terms of systems development. Every organization has different needs in terms of the use of and access to information  →

The Influence of Astronomy and Adaptive Optics Technologies on the Way We See the World

In a field that is as specialized as astronomy, the implications of the work of professionals within the discipline are often obscured from members of the general public, who may not readily identify the relevance of what happens in the  →

Business Conditions for Clean Coal Technologies from the West to Enter Market in China : the CoalTek Example

The development of the economic landscape in China has been a staggering success as China and its robust economy have swiftly eclipsed the United States. While the fact of its rapid development creates a number of diverse benefits for the country, this  →

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