One of the most unique and useful gifts that you can give a bride for an engagement gift, especially before a bachelorette party or other festivities is a bridal emergency kit. This engagement gift for the future bride will be even more appreciated if you put a little effort into it and arrange the elements of the bridal emergency kit with care and attention to being neat.

And even better, if you are looking for a gift for an engagement party for the  bride and this is your choice, making some elements of the bridal emergency kit yourself or adding personal dashes can go a long way and, even in none of the pieces in your friend the bride’s emergency kit are never used, it can make a cute and interesting keepsake that she will always remember came from you.

What Goes in a Bridal Emergency Kit?

Even for those who have never gone through the emotional ordeal of being a bride, you can probably easily imagine that it’s not the kind of day you want to have any undue stress. Knowing that you are going to altar in front of family and friends, making solemn vows, having a big party afterward, and have to look great doing it is a stressful situation, even if it’s supposed to be the best day of your life. What many brides tend to overlook is that they often forget about the basics as they get caught up in the big-picture planning and they forget two important things: To eat and drink and to be prepared for the physical manifestations of stress. As a result the two most important elements of a bridal emergency kit are light snacks that won’t create bad breath or excessive crumbs or mess and a small bottle of water. Good ideas for snacks to go into a bridal emergency kit include small crackers in individual wrappers, or light shortbread cookies; just nothing with chocolate, for obvious (stain!) reasons. There is nothing more horrifying than the thought of walking down the aisle only to greet your betrothed with chocolate stains blacking out one of your teeth.

A great way to personalize your bridal emergency kit is to add a dash that shows you know something about the bride, thus offering a personal touch. For instance, make sure you ask the future bride before her engagement party what perfume she plans on wearing. If she sounds sure about her answer, go to the department store and pick up one of the purse-size or even trial-size perfumes she wants and include them in her bridal emergency kit. This will allow her to quickly spritz some on without having it clash with other perfume before greeting and hugging guests at the party. Make it accessible so she doesn’t have to dig through her handbag (which is probably overstuffed for the day already) and is right on top with easy access. Besides, putting it on top tells her right away that you were thinking of her and her desires for her day through your engagement gift of a bridal emergency kit.

Other noteworthy items to include in a bridal emergency kit include quick stain-removing products that are gentle and safe on whites, a few pills for every ailment (Tylenol, Antiacids, Gas-X, etc.) safety pins and a few extra small hair clips, oil blotting towels for the bride to wick away any sweat and not look greasy or run makeup, and, of course, a little card from you inside telling you happy you are for her.

If you are looking for another way to personalize your engagement gift to the bride in the form of a bridal emergency kit and you’ve been selected as a bridesmaid and know the projected colors of the wedding party, wrap your bridal emergency kit in ribbons of white and whatever color the wedding party will be wearing. This can help you avoid having your gift look to generic and further emphasizes that it was put together distinctly for the bride and this particular wedding. Along with the personalized perfume or even makeup choices if your bride knows, for instance, the exact color of lipstick she’ll be wearing, you can be sure your engagement gift stands out, is useful, and is remembered.

Why a Bridal Emergency Kit is a Great Gift from a Bridesmaid

If you’ve been given the honor of being a bridesmaid, respect your traditional duty. After all, you are basically a maid to the bride and aren’t there just to look pretty and offer encouragement and hugs, you’re there to help her with all aspects of her big day. For a bridesmaid to give a bridal emergency kit as a engagement party gift or as a good luck present to the pride shows you understand your role for the wedding day and that you’re there to help her get through it. Aside from those reasons, it’s a personal way to give the bride something she can use and, if you put it all in a cute, small, and easy-to-access package that she can stow away when the party’s over, she will remember what you did for her and be grateful for the personal touch.

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