Jealousy doesn’t just occur in romantic relationships. It can pertain to any aspect of life. A person can be jealous of a friend, co-worker or partner. You may find yourself being jealous of someone’s material possessions, happiness, lifestyle or talent. But why are you jealous of someone else and how can you overcome the green-eyed monster?

People are jealous for many reasons. The real root of jealousy lies within an individual’s own insecurities. So how do you overcome jealousy? First you have to examine your true feelings. Why are you jealous? What is the real reason you feel the way you do toward a certain individual? Answer these questions honestly.

Jealousy is often the product of low self-esteem. People often harbor jealous feelings because deep down inside they wish they had done things differently or chosen another life path. They may have passed up an opportunity that someone else seized and now they have to live with their own regrets. Whatever the reason for jealousy there is certain to be an inner issue behind it.

When it comes to dealing with jealousy in a romantic relationship the jealous partner is likely to be dealing with inner feelings of insecurity. The person fears losing his or her partner. Jealousy is not the only reason for jealous-like behavior in relationships. People often mistake control issues for jealousy. There are people who want to control their partner. In situations like this the inner issue has nothing to do with jealousy. The problem runs much deeper along a psychological vein.

Jealousy in itself is an issue that lies rooted in low self-esteem, fear, lack of trust and insecurity. Jealousy may result from a previous bad relationship or other betrayal of some sort. A jealous person may still be carrying around emotional baggage and feelings of unresolved hurt. Those feelings may carry over into a new relationship and manifest as jealousy.

There are many signs of jealousy but if you, your partner or someone you know is always checking up on his/her partner, snooping through personal belongings or spying then that person is likely to have a jealousy issue. Some people who are jealous of their partner will go as far as to enlist their friends and family members to spy on their partner. First of all, if you are a friend or relative faced with this type of situation, don’t get involved. No matter how much you love or care about a friend or relative, spying on their partner is not a good idea and can lead to more problems than one may imagine.

In order to overcome jealousy you must realize that there is a problem and deal with it. You have to become aware of your true feelings and face them. To love someone is to trust them. Change has to take place from within. If you want to make a change you have to be willing to face your inner fears and feelings. You must face inner issues in order for healing to take place. You cannot overcome jealousy as long as you remain in denial of your true feelings. Take control of your jealous behavior rather than letting it control you.

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