We all know that when we have toddlers or when we have toddlers in our homes frequently, we need to childproof our home.   At first, this seems like an easy enough task.  You know to keep the breakables out of reach and to keep unused electric outlets covered.   Yet, there are more steps that need to be taken if you want to childproof your home correctly and keep those little ones safe. The following are some tips and some childproof suggestions you may have overlooked that can keep your children safe and healthy.

Childproofing tips for the kitchen area:

Make sure heavy pot and pans are out of little ones way and can not fall on them.

Dangling appliance cords and table cloths are a hazard.  Children can pull these and cause them to fall along with all the top contents.  If you want to use table cloths use fasteners and make sure none of the cloth dangles.  Tie up appliance cords.

The trash can.  You know this is full of bacteria and even sharp can lids.  Make sure your trash can has a secure lid so your trash stays in and your children stay out.
Childproofing tips for the  Bathroom:

Water in the tub and toilet.  Make sure you don’t leave a little one unattended in the tub.  Have safety fasteners installed on the toilet to make the lid harder to raise.

Curling irons and hot rollers look interesting to children.   If you want these to heat up, while you dress, close the bathroom door and make sure the little ones are not able to enter the room.

Scissors are not the only sharp object that you have to keep out of sight.   Place those fingernail clippers away from the little ones reach, too.

Childproof tips for the living room:

Coffee tables, end tables, all furniture with corners are unsafe.  You may want to think about installing a bumper pad to these, especially when your child or children learns how to walk.

Tall, heavy furniture.  By now, you probably all ready know that bookcases and the like should be strapped to the wall.  Many little ones will use try to climb on furniture such as these and they will topple on top of them.

Window blind cords are dangerous and pose the risk of a child hanging themselves, getting caught by the foot and possibly breaking their foot.  Yes, it is rare.  But it can happen.  Place those cords on top of those curtain rods.

Childproof tips for the baby’s room

Mobiles are nice when baby is young.  But once baby can pull him/herself up then baby can get all tangled up in them.

Nightlights are pretty and nice for baby to have.  But they can get hot and burn.  Buy the kind that stays cool to the touch.

Little one’ like to climb.  For this reason, watch what type of furniture is near those windows.  Baby could climb that adorable toy chest and get right up into that window, causing real dangers to occur.

Being a parent is a full time job.  You never know what your child may get into next.  All you can do is try your best to child proof your home.  One great way of doing this is to try to think like a child, survey each room, regularly and continually as your child and his/her abilities to move grows with him/her.

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