Moving can be hard on a family, even though the move may mean more money, more possibilities, a bigger and better home and community.  It can especially be hard on children.

Each child in a family can be different and each circumstance can be different for each child.  If you are planning on moving soon, consider some of these tips to help make the move easier for your child or children:

1.  Talk to the children about what they wish for in the new house or yard or even nearby parks and playgrounds.  You could even mention attractions that the new city and state has. This can help them to get excited about the new adventure.

2.  If it is possible, try to house hunt with the children.  You can even do this online.

3.  Allow your child to help in the decorating process of his/her new room.  Allow him to pick out the paint colors, carpet colors, etc.  Bring home swatches of carpet and paint strips from your local hardware store.

4.  Fix one special moving box for the child.  Allow the child to decorate it.  Place stickers, drawings, etc. on it.  Then have the child place his/her favorite objects in this box.  Once completed, make sure this box stays with the family.  Do not add it to any boxes that may be included in the moving van or with a moving company.

5.  Throw a goodbye party.  Allow your child or children to invite some friends and to participate in the planning and hosting of said party.  You can make the party simple affair of hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, paper plates, etc.

6.  If you have time before you move, take a tour with your child or children around your neighborhood and favorite attractions in the city.  Be sure to stop at his/her favorite restaurant.

7.  Make a memory book of your old home before you move.  Take a lot of photos of the inside and outside of the home, including the child’s room.  Don’t forget to add pictures of the child or children’s friends.

8.  As you are moving, allow each child to actually say goodbye to old house.

9.  Pack  a survival kit to take with you during the move.  Add things such as:  snacks, drinks, paper towels, disposable plates, napkins, first aid kit, toilet paper, soap, change of clothes, flash light, tool kit, trash bags.

10.  Finally, bring some entertainment along for the child, children to help keep them occupied during the big move.

Yes, moving can be a traumatic experience.  But if you take some extra steps and show your child or children that you understand that this is hard on them and you help them to deal with it, they will be more able to cope.

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