When people get married, especially people who are older or more established and who already have everything to begin with, it can be difficult to determine what gift is best for them. The best way to go when searching for the idea wedding gift for the couple who has everything is by creating something personal. The best idea for a wedding gift for an older couple or those who need nothing is to make something personalized and I found, through a recent experience, that by taking a few minutes out of the day and getting the family or other guests together to create something is a fun and often more inexpensive way to give a gift that is personal and functional at the same time.

Last week I went with my two sisters and their younger children and we decided that painting our own pottery was a great idea. As a wedding gift from our side of the family for an older couple, both of whom had been married in the past and almost had too much stuff once everything was combined, we painted a set of dessert plates and coffee mugs. Knowing their décor and color choices from being at their homes before made things even easier. We knew they both liked the color blue and sea green so we all just used those colors but each of us designed a completely unique dessert plate and matching mug. When we gave this gift to them from our side of the family, they were in awe and so happy that we spent so much time creating something that was unique and personal and everyone gathered around to see this gift. It wasn’t exactly cheap to go to a Paint Your Own Pottery studio, but it was a fun afternoon with my sisters and their children.

The next time you’re looking around at store after store, trying to figure out what you should get the couple that has everything, especially if they are like these friends of ours who have been married before and are running out of room for knickknacks and would like something functional that they can share and that only belongs to them, this is an ideal wedding gift. Besides, when else do you have an excuse as an adult to go and sit down at small cozy tables and paint like you did in school? In short, make a day of it, your personalized gift for the couple who has everything will pay off and they can know they’re loved anytime they use this gift.

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