Acupuncture has been thought to increase fertility in females for generations. How does it work? After trying to conceive for more than six months, and various visits to doctors and specialists we were given the advice of time. As there were no significant health problems, or issues with myself or my partner there was no reason that we should not be able to conceive. After hearing about the benefits of alternative therapies, I decided to give acupuncture a try.

The correlation between acupuncture and infertility is seen with treatment as the needles stimulate blood flow to the pelvis, which can increase the lining of the uterus and increase blood flow to the ovaries which can increase follicle production.

Where are the needles placed during acupuncture to increase fertility? Needles are placed on the lower back on the lower back, the lower abdomen and the legs. Placing needles at these points increases the blood flow to the pelvic area. Other areas where needles are placed are on the upper arms; neck and lumbar spine increase the response within the immune system, and can induce relaxation within the body. When the body is relaxed and the immune system is charged, studies have shown that it can be easier to conceive.

Acupuncture can be beneficial for those trying to conceive without merit due to irregular levels of hormones within the body. Whether the irregular hormones are FSH, LH or progesterone can be treated with holistic acupuncture. Acupuncture can assist in the production of these hormones within the brain.

To determine which part of the menstrual cycle that the female is in, it is important to measure and track the basal body temperature. This temperature will allow us to know when ovulation occurs. When ovulation occurs, the body temperature is at its highest – and acupuncture therapies are sometimes modified depending on the place in the menstrual cycle.  During ovulation, stress on the body should be avoided to ensure conception and therefore treatments will vary slightly to reduce stress, and introduce relaxation while promoting an environment where the egg is able to implant to the wall of the uterus.

Acupuncture is a gentle process that is safe throughout trying to conceive and can be used in conjunction with many other infertility treatments and therapies, such as in vitro treatments and fertility medications. Acupuncture should be started up to two months before the IVF treatments begin, and continued at two week intervals throughout the duration of the therapy.

Without medications, and with holistic treatment – I was finally able to conceive! Happily, with the use of therapeutic acupuncture, we gave birth to our first child two years ago this month.

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