Falling in love is something that strikes from seemingly out of the blue. The truth is, falling in love is less random than you may think.  There are some tried and true tips that can help you to fall in love and make it last.  Here are the five top things that you can do to increase your odds of falling in love:

Take care of lingering emotions before you date – This is the biggie. People often dive into a relationship without even dealing with leftover feelings from an ex. Falling in love is impossible if you are still stinging from the last failed relationship. Spend some time alone, or even consider therapy to rid yourself of those nasty leftovers.  This way, when you start a new relationship, you are more prepared to deal with feelings as they come.

Learn to love yourself first –  If you are in a love/hate relationship with yourself, then you are sure to have the same with any potential partners. Falling in love with yourself is the first step to falling in love with someone else.

Put yourself in the right places – Falling in love lasts when you are with like-minded people.  This does not mean that you have to agree with everything.  It means that you have someone that wants the same things that you do.  For example, if you are a Christian that lives for God, then you might want to consider going to more Church functions for singles.

Allow yourself to be seen in a relationship – Falling in love is impossible if your partner does not truly know you.  This is only accomplished by you opening yourself up to them. Allow them to see all sides, and allow them to show you the same.  Emotional closeness and open trust are both keys to falling in love. Open up to that special someone.

Encourage and demand independence – This is the most common mistake made among new couples just in a relationship.  Just because you are in love with someone, this does not mean that they or you lose individuality. A healthy relationship features two individuals that function as a team. Give plenty of space, and demand the same for yourself when it comes to being yourself.  This will foster a healthy relationship, and that leads to falling in love as well. 

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