The Wonderpets have a theme song that holds on and will not let go. Ever. It’s almost as bad as the Backyardigans in the sense that it’s a cute song with fun, simple lyrics and a catching melody but it’s more subdued. In fact, there is a lot about the show on Nick Jr. and Noggin “Wonderpets" that is subdued and this is where one of the show’s greatest strengths lies. Unlike some of the flashier programs on Nick Jr. and Noggin, The Wonderpets is a delightful show with easy-to-follow storylines and a refreshing lack of baby-show bling. It is especially recommended for kids ages 3-4 as the cute animals and new words are enough to get them talking and trying to tell you about the many baby animals they see the Wonderpets rescuing.

The basic idea behind Wonderpets on Nick Jr. and Noggin hinges on the lives of three pets who are kept in a preschool. Once the children leave for the day, the “phone" rings (the phone is actually a tin can) and a baby animal of some kind requires being rescued. At this call to action, the Wonderpets suit up for action and Ming Ming, Linny, and Tuck are off to whatever habitat the animal in trouble hails from. They put on their superhero gear, and through the use of teamwork (this is another theme in the Wonderpets song and the subject of one of their regular songs) they put together the “flyboat" which allows them to sail through the air in order to reach their destination.

As a result of the storylines of many of the episodes of The Wonderpets, children in this age group learn about baby animals as well as different environments and geographical areas. Oftentimes, the rescue mission involves a behavior that is specific the baby animal in question. For example, in one episode of the Wonderpets on Nick Jr. and Noggin, the Wonderpets had to go on a mission to lead a lost baby camel to an oasis. This helped children learn about desert environments, as well as the definition of oasis. Children in this age group who might have seen this episode of Wonderpets on Noggin or Nick Jr. would also learned unique things about the camel, such as the way it stores water in its humps.

The Wonderpets is, quite possibly, one of the best shows for kids between the ages of 3 and 4 on Nick Jr. and Noggin. Because the language and introduction of new words is geared toward this age range and because children of this age group like to learn songs and be able to sing them, children between 3-4 will love the Wonderpets on Nick Jr. and Noggin. Children in this age group will also adore the characters on the Wonderpets, including “Ming Ming" the duck who often talks about how things are “sewius" (serious). If you feel your children can watch a little television an you’re looking for a half hour that will be beneficial to their language skills as well as their ability to recognize different animals and their environments.

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