About a month ago my son purchased a container of French Vanilla coffee creamer from a local convenience store that we frequently visit. When he brought it home the creamer turned out to be spoiled. This is the second time this has happened over the past six months. When he took the creamer back to the store he was refused a refund or exchange of the product even though he had a receipt of purchase and had only been there about twenty minutes before.

A few months ago I purchased a gallon of milk at a local grocery store only to bring it home, open it and pour a cup of it that was lumpy and rancid. I returned the gallon to the store and did receive a replacement gallon of milk along with apologies. Last week I purchased a container of strawberries at another local grocery store. I opened the container in anticipation of enjoying the mouth-watering, succulent fruit only to find that every strawberry in the container had mold on it. I was very disappointed to say the least.

Buying items at the grocery store only to find they are bad when you get them home can be extremely irritating. Check expiration dates on products. You might think it’s a waste of time or not necessary but it really is best to check especially on products such as milk or coffee creamer. Inspect fruit carefully. Of course this may be difficult to do if it is packaged. Ask to speak directly to the store manager if you purchase a product that is beyond its expiration date or otherwise unacceptable for consumption. Keep your receipt. You should be entitled to a refund or exchange of product. After all you spend enough money purchasing your groceries so the items you buy should be good.

Grocery shopping can be time consuming especially when shopping for a large order and the result is often that people don’t have the time to really pay attention to every items they place in their cart. It may take a little bit longer to inspect the quality of your products but in the long run it is worth it. The next time you go shopping make sure that you have the time to shop carefully and are not rushed. Consciously choose the items you buy rather than just making the rote motion of choosing the same products without much attention to your purchases. It pays to shop carefully.

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