Every day prices on everything is rising, from fuel costs, grocery costs to the costs of our health care needs.  Here are some simple tips to help you save money on those important health care costs, without sacrificing your health needs in the process.
1.  Shop around for the best health care plan. 

You need to shop around for the best health care coverage, just as you would with anything else.  Don’t just assume that the plan with the lowest monthly premiums is the plan for you.  Read what is covered and what isn’t.  On the same note, don’t assume that your current plan is your only option.  Check on all other plans that are available.

2.  Consider going with a higher deductible.

Are you and your family healthy?  Do you make infrequent trips to the doctor?  You may save more money annually by going with a higher deductible, even it does mean paying a higher co-payment on those infrequent visits.

3.   Know which prescriptions costs less

Do you know which prescriptions are covered by your plan?  You can get this list from your insurance company.  Once you have it, you can share it with your doctor and hopefully find a medication on the list that is helpful to you.

You should also compare the medications you are taking with those that you can get at some drug stores at cheaper prices.  Many drug stores like Wal-Mart, Walgreens and Krogers now have many prescriptions for inexpensive prices.  Check to see if any of your medications compares to these.

4.  Don’t skimp on your regular doctor and dentist visits.

Our bodies are like our cars.  They need those regular checkups to make sure we are running smoothly.

5.   Avoid accidents and consider risks based on potential costs

Of course, it’s human nature to avoid accidents and we try to take precautions when taking part in sporting or other activities by wearing helmets, knee guards, etc. With these high costs of health care, you may be forced to change some of your recreational habits to reflect your understanding of the true cost of an injury you might sustain.

6.  Ask for samples

This is especially helpful if you are taking an expensive medication or if you have problems taking many medications.

7.   Wash your hands and teach your family to do so

Wash away those virus germs before they make you sick, in the first place.

8.   Join discount clubs.

There are discount clubs to help with prescription prices, dental visits and even purchasing eye glasses.  Join some and see if they can help you save money.Check out such sites as ameriplanusa.com, careington.com healthinsurance.com.

9.  Actually read your medical bills and save receipts

Mistakes happen.  But if you actual pay attention to those bills and save those receipts, you can dispute any bill that you all ready paid.  Plus, you will have the proof to back up your claim.

10.  Ask for generics

Generic prescriptions are usually comparable to their name brand counterparts.  Yet, they are less expensive.

You make little adjustments, you may actually save a little bit of money on everything, including health care costs.  Plus, you can do this without sacrificing your needs.

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