Saving money on our grocery bills has become more important with the economic slowdown of the last few years.  Saving money has never been more important.  Saving money at the grocery store is actually a real possibility if you re-train your brain to shop smart.  Many people overspend at the grocery store without even realizing it.  Just as the economy is a continuously changing market, so too is your grocery bargains.  Sometimes the savings are clear, while other times they are hidden in your spending habits.  Here are ten ways to save money on your grocery bill with regularity:

1.  Forget about the brands – Brand names are without a doubt the biggest reason that people lose money buying groceries.  Some people simply only buy one brand regardless of the price.  Saving money on new brands, or brands on sale is an easy change anyone can make.  If you only like the taste of one brand, their is a good chance that you have not sampled others.  Brand name simply makes very little difference with most food items.  There are some exceptions, but very few.

2.  Clip coupons – Is it a pain? Yes.  Is it embarrassing?  Not anymore.  The stigma of cutting coupons disappeared the day that gas went over four dollars a gallon.  Cut those coupons and use them religiously.  The savings are significant, and you will be glad come the end of the month.

3.  Use coupons wisely – Some shoppers take the coupon craze a bit to literally.  Just because something is half price, it is not going to help you if it is an item that you will not use.  Never buy an item simply because you have a coupon.  Only enhance your shopping bill by using coupons on items you will actually purchase anyway.

4.  Buy in bulk – Did you find an awesome deal on an item that you purchase regularly and that does not go bad?  Buy it up!  Bulk purchases are wonderful if you are buying those items that are needed on a regular basis.  Be careful not to go overboard though, and keep one month at a time in mind.

5.  Subscribe to the email weekly –  Every major grocery chain puts out a weekly sale ad.  Most of these grocery stores offer an email subscription service that sends these bargains to your inbox.  There is no better way to find all the bargains in your area, and to take advantage of the savings.

6.  Shop several grocery stores – Loyalty is one thing, but ignoring a great sale at the competing store up the street is just silly.  If you have to go shopping for groceries anyway, you might as well save money doing it.  If this means hopping to a couple of stores to find the bargains, make that committment.  Over time, the savings can be drastic.

7.  Use the web for savings – You would be shocked at the number of websites that actually are dedicated to saving you money at the grocery store.  Do a simple Google search and you will find a wealth of information.  Coupon sites, store reviews, and online specials are a great source of unexpected savings at your grocery store.  Check out the resources at the end of this article for some great sites.

8.  Pay attention to the sell by dates – You know that you are guilty of this one.  You buy a product, get it home, and find that it has gone bad within a day or two.  Read the labels, and find out how to pull from the back.  Always check the sell by dates, however, as not all stores rotate correctly.

9.  Look for sales before you need them –  It is imperative to your wallet that you pay attention to the sales, and think about what you will need in the coming weeks.   For example the back to school items are a heck of a lot cheaper the weeks prior to when you need them.  Also, holiday items can be had for a fraction of the cost they will be when the holiday actually hits.

10.  Set a budget and bring your calculator – This is the absolute most important thing you can do to save money at the grocery store. It will eliminate your impulse buying, and keep you on the straight and narrow when checking out.  Those candy bars will not look so good if they take you over the budget.

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