It may seem counterintuitive to think that we should worry about how to save money while on a cruise, but the fact is, saving money while on a cruise is simple, so why not? Many people enjoy taking cruises no matter what time of year it is.  In the winter months, we like to get away from snow and cold.  In the summer months, people have more time to spend on vacation and the children are also on vacation, which makes for easy planning.  Plus, no matter what time of the year it is we all like to save money, even on vacation.  Here are some money saving tips that you can try when making plans for that next fun filled cruise vacation.

Tip #1 for How to Save Money While on a Cruise

Use a specialized travel agency when booking your cruise vacation.  This means going to a travel agency that specializes in cruises.  If you want to try an online travel agency you could try such sites as: and

Do you realize that sometimes this tip can actually cut your cruise fare as much as 50% off of the brochure price?

Tip #2 for How to Save Money While on a Cruise

Always plan a little ahead of time or book late.  This means that you should book at least 6 months in advance or choose a package that is ready for sailing in less than 30 days.

Tip #3 for How to Save Money While on a Cruise

If you can skip the plane trip the cruise line and drive to it.  This is perfect for people who actually lives within a comfortable driving distance.

But if you don’t, remember if you don’t make it on time, you will lose your trip.

Tip #4 for How to Save Money While on a Cruise

If you can, try to book your cruises for the for late fall, when the season isn’t at isn’t peak time.  Reductions are usually given at this time to promote traveling.

Tip #5 for How to Save Money While on a Cruise

Book your own flights.  Yes, you can save money if you skip the cruise packages that offer their own air flights.  You can generally find cheaper flights yourself, especially on the web.   But be warned, if you don’t make it on the time and you know delays do happens when you fly, the cruise will not wait on you.  But if you fly on a plane that was scheduled through a cruise line via what they call an air-sea package the cruise line will try their best to get you on the cruise.  In this case, it may be worth paying the extra fees for the peace of mind it gives.

Tip #6 for How to Save Money While on a Cruise

Watch which type of cabin you choose.  If you choose an inside cabin, you may save money.   The premium cabins, the ones with the portholes and balconies, will sell for a much higher rate.  Also check to see if children can sail for free and if you can get a reduction for third or fourth passengers.

If you do your homework, you may be surprised at the little cuts you can make to your vacation plans and save a bit of money.  Yet, these little cuts doesn’t mean that you won’t have any fun.   It just means you will have more money once you get back home to reality.

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