Recently, Bigfoot believers everywhere waited with baited breath to see what was in that ice chest that looked remarkably like a Bigfoot.  What else could it be?  Was it a real Bigfoot?  Were there more Bigfoots in the area?  Everyone that was anyone in the Bigfoot community wanted to know.  Well, now we know.  Here are the top seven things we learned from the fake Bigfoot fiasco.

Fake Bigfoot Lesson Number One – No matter how much we wish for giant apes, gorillas are as big as they get.  No Bigfoot has ever been found in the history of time.  Even with people searching everywhere.

Fake Bigfoot Lesson Number Two – A fake Halloween costume and a block of ice can fool half the nation into thinking Bigfoot exists.  What were people thinking.  Really.

Fake Bigfoot Lesson Number Three – Country boys often have way to much time on their hands. These Georgia boys spent a lot of time and effort on this hoax, and walk away idiots.  Why must people go to such lengths to fool us?  Um…Because we let them. 

Fake Bigfoot Lesson Number Four – Bigfoot is not the same thing as Chupacabra.  Chupacabra is definately real.  So are UFOs and aliens.  They are not the same as Bigfoot.  Bigfoot is not real. (sarcasm intended)

Fake Bigfoot Lesson Number Five – No matter how many times the public is fooled, they will bite the same apple over and over again.  As long as people have an imagination, they will fall for a hoax like the fake Bigfoot.  It is inevitable and we are gullible at our core.

Fake Bigfoot Lesson Number Six – Ice does eventually melt.  Hoaxers everywhere need to pay attention.  The next time you put a fake Bigfoot on ice, be sure use a live animal.  Synthetic hair is kind of noticeable out of the ice.

Fake Bigfoot Lesson Number Seven –  Our lives are incredibly boring.  The fact that I am writing this list about a fake Bigfoot and that the number one search topic on the internet has been about the same, tells me that were are seriously bored as a society.  Giant frozen apes?  This is the number one topic on the search engines?  God Bless the internet, I loved it too.

The fake Bigfoot kept us riveted throughout the majority of an entire month, and the hoaxers are being raked over the proverbial coals as we speak.  I guess in some ways it was a form of entertainment, and I actually considered the notion of a Man-Beast that had never existed before.