For those of us who know the whimsy of country life, we long for those bygone days of yesteryear. Days when we would wake up to the sweet fresh smell of country air. The smell of fresh corn and vegetables growing ; the fragrance flowing ever so gently through the trees as we carefully perform our daily chores. Well those days are not too far gone when you visit Manor Farm Country Park in Southampton, UK on your vacation.

Manor Farm is reminiscent of those days we all cherish. If you grew up in the country or would be sent to visit grandparents during the summer, you remember those days with a smile. The days of milking cows, hauling water from the creek, riding horses when the sun went down; those were the good ole days. Manor Farm Country Park in Southampton, UK, is one of those little known jewels.

The mission of Manor Farm is to “Provide a living history visitor attraction and to conserve a farmstead of historic buildings, together with 400 acres of countryside. To bring back those memories of farm living to those who visit.” When visiting this farm, a team of ten full time employees welcome each visitor and prepare to assist you with any needs. Also, amazingly, a group of volunteers readily are available offering support for any needs.

Manor Farm Country Park is set in a scenic background of farmland and countryside of early woodland sitting near the bank of the beautiful River Hamble. The Farm is open daily every March 16 through November 2 from 10 am through 5 pm. Each month, Manor Farm has special actrivities planned for the visitors coinciding with holidays and special days or events of the year. Never is there a dull moment at Manor Farms. Activities are intense and the day is thoroughly invigorating. Events are varied and include something interesting for everyone.

School Visits

Manor Farm especially encourages student visits. Guided tours are specially designed and selected based on self focused activities suitable for KS1 and KS2 students. Brochures are available for those interested. Manor Farms belief is that every child should have an introduction to farm life including the animals and farmland. At Manor Farms, the landscape is of such a assorted degree, students will be introduced to the ponds, hedgegrows, woodland and the tidal shoreline of the River Hamble. A remarkable self guided tour study course within itself. In addition, Manor Farm offers the Victorian Schoolroom Activity, the Discovery Trail, Discussion Trail and , Self Guided Farm Tours offered for student’s ecological enrichment.

Group Visits

Manor Farm offers something for everyone in their tour programs. Young, old, rich, not so rich, large, small. Anyone and everyone leaves Manor Farm a little wiser and a little more enriched. There is something of interest for the young and old alike. Farm and coach concessions, free coach and minibus parking is always available for groups of fifteen or more. Booking in advance is recommended. Manor Farm has the Pantry Tea Room, which is open all day, offering special menus for visiting groups. The Tea Room will make special preparations for birthday parties and teas. Call them in advance to discuss your desires.

Descriptive Overview of Manor Farm

Manor Farm is home to chicken, ducks, geese, and hundreds of other animals as they roam freely across the historic farmland. There is room to walk around and enjoy the countryside, lull under the trees, indulge in the awesome appeal of nature at its best. Visitors often sit outside the café and enjoy tea as they take in the sight of this lovely Farm. Manor Farm also offers visitors a gift shop to take back just a piece of memory. A large variety of gifts including food is available for purchase.

Dog Walking

For those who bring their dog along, there is a dog exercise field available. Your dog can take the lead and roam, play and make friends with other canine. The exercise field is available for exclusive parties by just calling in advance and booking. Contact Manor Farm for details.


Manor Farm Country Park is wheelchair accessible and also available for pushchairs. If there are extenuating needs, contact the proprietors in advance. The Park also has available for its visitors an easy going trail to the most popular areas of the park for those who have restrictions in their ability to manipulate certain areas. Benches are also available throughout the park when needed.

To see the remnants of the old fashion farm and farming at its best, visit Manor Farm Country Park in Southampton, UK. The farms of the past have never been more prevalent than they are when you visit this well established reflection of the past in today’s world. Let your children see what life was in bygone days and what was before, can still be like today. Visit Manor Farm Country Park and you don’t have to dream about farming any longer.

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