While many choose to go to warm destinations during Christmas vacation, they are missing all of the fun and beauty of Salt Lake City, Utah during the Christmas season. This is a great escape for Christmas vacation and one that is quite popular although never too crowded during the Christmas holiday season.

We all dream of a White Christmas. Bing Cosby sings it so well when he reminds us of our childhood in “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas." Whenever I hear the words to that song, I tend to see myself playing in mounds of snow and throwing snow balls at my friends of years so long ago. Christmas never seems like Christmas until I see the first snowflake fall. But, if you’re like some of us, we live in those areas that just never see temperatures dropping any lower than 20 or 30 degrees. Never will you see snow fall in these areas. And even if you do, it will never last long enough to make a flake much less mounds of snow last a minute on the ground.

So, we are the ones who pack our families up with everything we need and some things we don’t then head for winter in areas such as Montana, Wyoming or even Utah. This year, I am heading to Salt Lake City, Utah. My plans are to fall in the snow and make snow angels amongst other things. Therefore, what are some of the other ventures I recommend anyone indulge in while in Salt Lake City! First plan ahead and make reservations to stay at one of the three surrounding Salt Lake City, Utah ski resorts:

Salt Lake City Mountain Resort

The Salt Lake City Mountain Resort is known for offering Ski fanatics more than 3,300 skiable slopes. In addition, visitors to the Salt Lake City Mountain Resort are able to take advantage of numerous other activities and amenities the resort offers. The Salt Lake City Mountain Resort offers unique adventures including exciting rides for those who do not ski. Some may partake in the Alpine Coaster Ride, the Human Maze, Miniature Golf course, Little Miners Park, and the Ziprider just to name a few. The resort is also known for their catering activities. In addition, there is an experienced staff available to handle any of your catering needs. If you are interested and in need of a relaxed atmosphere after a long day of excitement, try Kristie’s Coffee Café or the Legends Bar and Grill.

Deer Valley Resort

The Deer Valley Resort is an exclusive luxury resort for those seeking the luxurious life while vacationing. They offer four unique mountains with ninety one different runs for skiers. Guest will have over 1800 skiable acres of land available to them during their stay at the Deer Valley Resort. Beginning skiers will also have to their avail an area exclusive for training. No steep slopes for these elusive ones. They will have the pleasure of safety and diminutive mountain space to their advantage. Deer Valley also has twenty chairlifts and one gondola for those wanting this activity. Never will you have to wait. Your trip back to the top of the mountain is speedy.

The Canyons Resort

With over 3500 available ski acres, the Canyons is the largest ski and snowboard resort in Salt Lake City, Utah. Exceptional skiers will love the varied terrains at the Canyons Resort. The Canyons has sixteen lifts to take skiers to any one of the eight lifts. The mountains are a sight within themselves. With the snow capped peaks. Awesome views for those seeking snow during the winter months and wanting to remember a winter wonderland. The Canyons has two hotels for you to select from: The Grand Summit Resort Hotel and the Sundial Lodge.

One of the most spectacular sites in the world during the Christmas season is the amazing light display at Temple Square. Deemed as Salt Lake City’s most famous attraction, this 10 acre block attraction is located in the middle of downtown Salt Lake City. During the Christmas Season, Temple Square is decorated with more than 300,000 lights. Visitors stroll through the area taking in the scene oohing and aahing as they enjoy the lights and the music as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearse. The Christmas lights are lit the day after Thanksgiving and remain lit throughout the holiday season.The Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearses every Thursday evening from 8pm till 9:30 pm. Then again on Sunday morning from 8:15am till 10am. Their rehearsals are open to the public.

Make plans to attend the Hale Centre Theatre presentation of the Christmas Classic during your CHristmas vacation trip to Salt Lake City, Utah, “A Christmas Carol" being performed December 5th – 23rd. “Honor Christmas in your heart. Relive the enduring story of Ebenezer Scrooge’s reformation…acclaimed as ‘Utah’s #1 Christmas theatre tradition’! This presentation was adapted especially for Hale’s Centre Theatre by Richard G Wilkins music and orchestrated by Barlow Bradford."

There is so much to enjoy during the holiday season in Salt Lake City, Utah and your Christmas vacation will be just as well as spent here as anywhere else that might be warmer. Just the appeal of the area is enough to make you spend the entire month of December in this winter wonderland. With the entire month dedicated to the enchantment and pleasure of the season, plan to vacation in Salt Lake City this Christmas.

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