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May 17, 2022

Posts tagged "Perceptions of Race"

Close Reading of a Passage in Othello by Shakespeare : Analysis of the Presence of Racism

In Act I, Scene I of William Shakespeare’s play, Othello, the early exchange among Roderigo, Iago, and Brabantio about the alleged love between Brabantio’s daughter, Desdemona, and Othello, the black Moor, alludes the degree to which race will become an important  →

Narrative Strategy and the Construction of “Otherness” in Oroonoko by Aphra Behn

One of the key themes present throughout Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko is “otherness” based solely on the concept of racial identity. In the course of presenting the tale of the “noble slave,” this theme is highlighted through distinct narrative techniques as opposed to  →