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October 26, 2021

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The Theatrical Nature of Iago in Othello as Director, Actor, and Manipulative Confidante

Throughout Shakespeare’s play Othello, the character Iago is one of the main instigators of the action and serves the dual role of director and actor, thus putting the audience at his mercy as both director of the action and central  →

Analysis and Review of Montaigne and Othello

Shakespeare’s Othello is a play wrought with the intricacies of the human mind. While Othello and Desdemona begin a life together in marital bliss, dissatisfaction from her father and allusions to an affair with Cassio soon taint the once perfect  →

Close Reading of a Passage in Othello by Shakespeare : Analysis of the Presence of Racism

In Act I, Scene I of William Shakespeare’s play, Othello, the early exchange among Roderigo, Iago, and Brabantio about the alleged love between Brabantio’s daughter, Desdemona, and Othello, the black Moor, alludes the degree to which race will become an important  →

Prejudice in Shakespeare’s Othello and The Merchant of Venice

In both of Shakespeare’s plays, “Othello” and “The Merchant of Venice”, there are several instances in which the non-white and non-Christian characters are marginalized and are often the victims of prejudice and outright racism. This occurs in both “Merchant of  →