Germs are a given in the world of preschoolers, and anything we can do to prevent the sharing of germs helps. One of the most germ infested areas of a child’s world is the playground. Playgrounds are often overlooked, and they are actually even worse than a public restroom. At least in a public restroom there is the occasional wipe down. Playgrounds are almost never cleaned up or disinfected. This leads to a germy situation for your children that is unavoidable it would seem. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to limit the germs your child comes into contact with on the playground.

Why are Playgrounds so Germ Ridden?

Other than the aforementioned lack of cleaning, the playground is also open to more than just germy kids. Playgrounds are also magnets for local wildlife such as squirrels, birds, raccoons, and others. These animals will leave droppings behind. These droppings are known to carry disease and germs that you certainly would not want your child near.

In addition to the animal matter, there is the issue of other kids wiping noses, mouths, and spit all over the playground equipment. Kids are kids, and they tend to completely ignore all manners while playing. They are not averse to anything once they are on the playground. This does not bode well for germ reduction on the playground.

How do I Keep my Child Germ Free on the Playground?

Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do at home to prevent your child from exposing him/herself to the germs. Almost all of them have to do with teaching your child some simple do’s and don’ts:

-Do clean your child’s hands with a sanitizing cloth after a session on the playground.

-Do train your child to avoid putting his hands near his mouth, nose, or ears while playing on the playground.

-Do keep the playground covered when not in use. (if the playground is at home)

-Do keep your kids off the playground if they are fighting any infectious colds or sicknesses.

-Do not bother with trying to sanitize the playground. This is a lost cause with all of the elements of the outdoors.

-Do not make your child paranoid about germs. This will simply cause them to grow up with a complex.

These are all common sense tips to keep your child germ free on the playground but you would be amazed at how many parents ignore this common source of sickness. Take the time to explain and train your child to avoid touching his or her face, and half of the battle is won right there. When the child leaves the playground, this is the time to sanitize and clean their hands.

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