Confidence is a good thing right? People are always encouraging us to have confidence in ourselves. You’ve probably heard that if you have confidence in yourself others will have confidence in you also. But the question is whether you are confident or arrogant. Arrogance is just being overly confident, isn’t it? Not exactly. So what’s the difference? Confident people are comfortable being themselves. A confident person believes in him/herself and his/her abilities. Confident people don’t need to tear others down to build themselves up. They don’t need to go on and on endlessly about their accomplishments. They don’t need to boast about their abilities. Confident people let their abilities and accomplishments speak for themselves. They don’t need to toot their own horn, so to speak.

Arrogance on the other hand does exactly that and more. There are actually two types of arrogance. One stems from an inflated sense of self-importance while the other is a feigned attempt at confidence to cover insecurity. Someone who has an inflated ego may exaggerate his/her importance. People of this type tend to brag a lot. They may imagine themselves to be superior to others. The other type of arrogance actually stems from an inward lack of confidence. These people try so hard to make others believe that they are confident that in reality their behavior comes off as arrogance. Inwardly such people are actually very insecure. They try to convince everyone of their confidence and abilities yet those who need convincing are themselves.

To sum it all up, confidence is a positive trait while arrogance is negative. Confident people can serve as an inspiration for others. They can motivate others to strive for success and succeed. Confident people stand out in a crowd. They seem to have a magnetism about them that draws people to them. Arrogance is not a desirable quality. Arrogant people may find that such a personality only serves to drive people and success away from them rather than drawing them near. If you are truly a confident person you don’t need to brag or dominate.

If you find yourself behaving in such a manner more often than you care to admit you may want to re-examine your confidence level. Chances are that you’re not as confident as you’d like to believe. For those who are acting arrogantly to mask their own insecurities, stop pretending. You’ll find that people will like the person you are a whole lot better than the person you’re pretending to be. A confident person is comfortable and happy with the person he/she is. Now which are you? Are you confident or arrogant?