Simply put a data logger is a small device that is used to store information or data. A data logger is a device that gains information such as a serial communication system or a plug-in board. These systems utilize a computer as a real time system that records the data. There are many systems however that allow a data logger to be a stand alone device that has the ability to read several types of signals and then store it in the internal memory that can later be downloaded on to a computer.

Many people find that the data logger has a distinct advantage over other types of devices because it can be independently used without the aid of a computer, unlike most of the other data acquiring devices. Data loggers come in a wide rage of sizes and shapes. They also are available in a wide range of capabilities such as single channel functions to more powerful and larger devices that have the capability to maintain hundreds of new inputs.

How long will the charge of a data logger last?

Almost any data logger you purchase will be battery powered although some will also have a feature that will allow for an external power source. The life of the battery inside your data logger will depend on a number of different parameters that will include the sample rate along with the model you have chosen. A rule of thumb is the faster the device produces a sample rate the shorter life span the battery charge will be.

What is a data logger used for?

A data logger can be used for a wide range of reasons such as to comply with industry requirements, to help lower cost, to guarantee the quality of different products and also for certain research purposes.

Some examples of these things are:

1. For farmers who produce fresh fruits and vegetables a data logging device can produce accurate data of the temperature of the soil and its surroundings during the growth of their produce and during the transportation from the farm to the destination. This data will help to ensure that the quality of the produce is excellent.

2. Many companies might also use a data logging device to monitor the environment in their facilities to ensure that the heating, cooling and ventilation systems are working correctly. This monitoring will not allow the company to know when a problem in the system has occurred but also to lower the cost of their energy use.

There are many uses for device like this from monitoring the PH balance in your water to the temperature in your refrigerator. From the common man to a large corporation a data logger could be the answer to lowering your energy cost, raising the quality of your product and maintaining your business.

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Why Speech Recognition is Worth the Time Spent Training to Improve Accuracy

It should be repeated that training your computer to recognize and interpret correctly the sound of your voice is very much like developing a long relationship. There will be times during the training process that you feel like it is not worth it or that all the training is a waste of time, but get through this frustration because in the end, the benefits offered by speech recognition software are great and you’ll find that the training was very much worth the effort and long training period required to improve accuracy. Do not fool yourself into thinking that you speak great English and do not require extensive training. Instead, expect the training process to improve the accuracy rates of your speech recognition software to take between 3 to 6 months, and for those of thick accents, perhaps as long as one year.

Several people have offered comparisons between Microsoft speech recognition and the popular commercial product called Dragon Naturally Speaking. It appears at the accuracy rates are quite similar in terms of the time required to train the programs is also equivalent but there are minor variations that cause some people to prefer one speech recognition program over the other. Certainly, it is a benefit that the speech recognition software offered by Microsoft comes standard on Cista whereas that offered by Dragon costs significantly more. The choice is yours as to which speech recognition software you choose to use, but whichever program you decide upon, do not fool yourself about this significant period of time required to adequately train your speech recognition software to have high accuracy rates and to work smoothly.

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