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December 02, 2021

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The Ideal Wedding Gift for the Couple Who Has Everything

When people get married, especially people who are older or more established and who already have everything to begin with, it can be difficult to determine what gift is best for them. The best way to go when searching for  →

What are Ball Jointed Dolls? A Quick Guide to the Asian Sensation Infiltrating America

Ball jointed dolls are not a new concept, despite the rage caused by those that have become hugely popular in Japan and Korea and are now making their way to America. In fact, most of the dolls you think of  →

Tarina Tarantino : Jewelry Designer of Bold Bling and Horrific Handbags

When I think of the jewelry designs of Tarina Tarantino, the only way I feel it’s adequate to describe them is to encourage you to think of Rainbow Brite in Edwardian England. The colors are bold, modern, and overstated and  →

What is a Living Will and Where Can You Find A Free Template of One to Print

Although many of us do not like to think about the inevitable fact that we will all die one day, accepting this and planning ahead by creating a living will is a responsible way to avoid problems is something unexpected  →

Top Seven Things We Learned From The Fake Bigfoot Hoax

Recently, Bigfoot believers everywhere waited with baited breath to see what was in that ice chest that looked remarkably like a Bigfoot.  What else could it be?  Was it a real Bigfoot?  Were there more Bigfoots in the area?  Everyone  →

How to Have a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Birthday Party

Children love sweets and your child is no exception to the rule.  Growing up we watched Gene Wilder’s version of Willy Wonka and the tiny Umpa Lumpas and now with Tim Burton’s new version of the movie “Charlie and the  →

A Year of Wacky, Wicked Holidays You Never Celebrated

We all love holidays, because they allow us to celebrate and make merry.  Who doesn’t want a good excuse to overindulge and act like an idiot under the guise of honoring something or someone? For those who are disappointed in the  →

A Societal Look at How the Elderly are Viewed by Today’s Youth

Have you ever wondered what young people will think of you as you grow older? I was given some insight into this question the other day when I overheard part of a conversation between two young men. The one said  →

Reasons to Pack a Lunch Versus Buying

There are many people who decide to pack a lunch each day. If you work, go to school or do other activities outside of your home this may be a regular routine for you each day. Packing a lunch can  →

An Overview and Definition of Voluntary Simplicity as a Lifestyle

Offering a definition of the lifestyle choice of voluntary simplicity is best offered in the context of modern consumer society in America. It is widely recognized that theUnited States has become a society that is caught in the vise grip  →