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Ceremony, Community and Celebration : The Dragon Boat Races

When one first begins to read Yang Sichang’s account of the dragon boat races, they seem to be about festivities and competition and more about the race itself than other matters. However, as he suggests that the “popular belief is  →

Cultural Differences Between China’s Northern and Southern Regions

In order to best examine some of the fundamental real (and perceived or stereotypical) differences between northerners and southerners in China during this period, it is best to begin with a short work which is presented as direct advice regarding  →

7 Definitions from Asian History Every Student Should Know

Are you a student of the history of Asia or do you consider yourself well-versed on your definitions of important aspects of Asian history? Why not quiz yourself? Can you provide a definition of the following terms from the history  →

The Nuclear Path of North Korea: Historical Examination of United States Interests & Involvement

News that North Korea had secretly resumed its nuclear weapons program hit the front pages in the United States less than four years ago and has remained in the headlines since its highly-publicized tests in the past months. Since that  →

The Battle of Iwo Jima

The Battle of Iwo Jima took place in February and March of 1945 as part of the Pacific Campaign during World War II. Although the Battle of Iwo Jima was initially expected to be a short battle to secure control  →

Condensed History of the Vietnam War : Major Events and Facts

The Vietnam War is considered to have begun in the early 1960s, but like all wars, there was a series of events leading up to the Vietnam War that preceded American troops entering a prolonged armed conflict with the Vietnamese  →

Buddhism in Mongolia: Prefarce to History of Mongolian Buddhism

For more essays and articles on historical topics, visit the History Archives at Article Myriad In order to explore the development of Buddhism as Mongolia’s predominant religion and its significance in the country’s cultural and political history, it is important to understand  →

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