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May 17, 2022

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Cultural Differences Between China’s Northern and Southern Regions

In order to best examine some of the fundamental real (and perceived or stereotypical) differences between northerners and southerners in China during this period, it is best to begin with a short work which is presented as direct advice regarding  →

Trading Issues of China and the United States

Any scholar engaged in the study of international business, international economics or even social research is likely to be interested in the growing role that China is playing in an ever-increasing number of industry and market sectors, as well as  →

The Banking System in China : Stability and Central Banks

For at least the past decade, the People’s Republic of China has been enjoying a period of hyper-accelerated economic growth (Country Economic Review, 2002). Foreign companies are investing in China at unprecedented rates, as China has available land, human resources,  →

Comparison of Banking Systems in China and Russia : The Function of Central Banks

In both China and Russia, significant political and social changes have necessarily created challenges to the countries’ respective economic policies and practices. In both China and Russia, central banks have attempted to assert their autonomy, independence, and authority, but the  →