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September 18, 2021

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Biography of Stephen Crane

Although he died at only 28 years of age, Stephen Crane lived a full and adventurous life, traveling, writing, and interviewing people for his many stories, novels, and articles. He managed to produce a staggering body of work from time  →

Plot Summary of “The Blue Hotel” by Stephen Crane

   To summarize, “The Blue Hotel” by Stephen Crane takes place at the Palace Hotel which is near a train station in rural Nebraska. The proprietor of the hotel, which is painted blue and is something of an attraction/eyesore in  →

Analysis and Plot Summary of Maggie : A Girl of the Streets by Stephen Crane

The short novel by Stephen Crane, “Maggie : A Girl of the Streets”, despite the title, is not necessarily just about Maggie, but rather deals more directly with the Bowery environment itself and how it shapes the lives of its  →