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January 24, 2021

Posts tagged "Institutionalized Robbery"

Eminent Domain: Institutionalized Robbery

While the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution declares that every citizen has the right to own private property, the exact same amendment also states that if private land is to be seized for public use, then just compensation  →

An Overview of Housing and Urban Revitalization

The nature of urban revitalization and housing has changed a great deal over the course of the past century. Several plans to achieve a balance between the urban middle class and the poor have been instituted, but most of these  →

Extended Definition and Analysis of Insular Poverty in the United States

Academic economist Kenneth Galbraith coined the term “insular poverty” in1969 as a means of distinguishing poverty of groups from individual poverty, which he termed case poverty (97; 325-327). According to Galbraith, case poverty refers to individuals who are poor because  →