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March 30, 2020

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An Extended Definition of Bollywood Cinema

One of the positive benefits of globalization that has been enjoyed in recent years is the diffusion of music, art, and movies from one region of the world to another, thereby widening the audience base for cultural productions that were previously  →

Sex and the Holy City : Film Analysis

Much of the film “Sex and the Holy City”  centered upon attacking the views of the Catholic Church and condoms, contraception, and abortion in poor areas such as Nicaragua, Manila, and Kenya. In order to carry out the thesis, the  →

Issues of Gender and Generation in the Film “The Graduate” (1967)

Throughout the 1960s a rapid social, political, and artistic shift was occurring in America as a new generation fought to reorganize its understanding of gender in the face of how their parents understood it. During this time, the women’s liberation  →

Summary, Analysis and Review of the Film “Reel Bad Arabs”

The film by Sut Jhally entitled “Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People”, which is based on the book by the film’s narrator Jack G. Shaheen, embodies one of the most persistent problems with the human condition and more  →