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June 25, 2022

Visual Art
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Recycling and Paper Arts and Crafts for Kids

There are many way that we can help create a better, cleaner environment, even in small ways, like dealing with the messes children make. Save the environment one piece of garbage at a time by recycling. Keeping trash out of  →

A Comparison of Classical Representations of the Gigantomachy

In terms of the event described by Hesiod in which the gods and giants battle, the Gigantomachy, there are a number of different almost narrative representations through art as well as variations in the more general depictions, and placements of  →

Comparison and Analysis of Paintings by Mary Cassatt and Georges Seurat

On first glance, the paintings “Susan Comforting the Baby," by Mary Cassatt, and “Young Woman Powdering Herself," by Georges Seurat, may seem strikingly similar in theme, mood, color, and content. If the viewer considers the information that “Susan Comforting the  →

Giorgio Vasari: Brief Biography and Analysis of Four Major Works

Before examining the major works of Giorgio Vasari, it is necessary to provide a short biography to put his life and paintings in conext. Giorgio Vasari was a skilled painter as well as a brilliant architect and biographer. His achievements  →