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May 08, 2022

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The Influence of European Monarchs on Classical Ballet

Arguably, without the aid of European monarchs, the history of classical ballet might not have developed throughout the centuries into the form we know it as today. In the beginning and early in its history classical ballet (which was simply  →

Biography of Isadora Duncan and Analysis of Her Life, Works, and Philosophy of Dance

Isadora Duncan was born Dora Angela Duncan in 1878 in California. From an early age Isadora Duncan moved throughout Europe with her family and it seems only fitting that she chose to live the majority of her life in France  →

Biography of Marius Petipa : His Life and Work

Marius Petipa is known as the father of modern Classical Ballet and had a career, mostly spent in the Russian Imperial Ballet, that lasted nearly sixty years. Marius Petipa was both a dancer and later a choreographer and is best  →

Biography of Martha Graham : Life and Works

The dancer and educational pioneer, Martha Graham, revolutionized the world of dance in the 20thcentury. Not only did Martha Graham take the emphasis off the stiff and conscripted tradition of classical ballet and other dance forms, but also she allowed  →