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January 24, 2021

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A Model Assisted Living Facility : Proposed Plan and Attributes

When proposing an idea aimed at helping or caring for the elderly, there are literally thousands of considerations to be made in every arena of the venture. The purpose and goal of this proposed assisted living community for the elderly  →

Amish Children and their Socialization into the Amish Community

Before addressing some specific issues regarding how the Amish socialize their children, there a few important statements to be made about Amish communities in general. Despite popular belief, the Amish do not necessarily shun technology because they find it inherently  →

Tokyo City Profile with Emphasis on the Role of Globalization in Continued Development

Tokyo is one of the preeminent global cities in the world with a vital economic foundation and continued focus on modernity and maintaining their position as one of the most modern industrial and financial centers. It is a model for  →

Subordination, Equality and Gender in India

In terms of the maintenance of household purity, the Hindu religion appears so ingrained as to no longer appear as simply a religion, but a matter which dictates the whole of everyday life. Men and women are equally responsible for  →

Creation Myths Across Cultures : Examples of Creation Myths, The Pima and Australian Aborigines

When examining creation stories and creation myths across cultures, there are several obvious similarities and differences that exist. While these creation myths are important to observe and offer ideas about, it seems that the most vital task is not in  →

An Overview of Housing and Urban Revitalization

The nature of urban revitalization and housing has changed a great deal over the course of the past century. Several plans to achieve a balance between the urban middle class and the poor have been instituted, but most of these  →

Extended Definition and Analysis of Insular Poverty in the United States

Academic economist Kenneth Galbraith coined the term “insular poverty” in1969 as a means of distinguishing poverty of groups from individual poverty, which he termed case poverty (97; 325-327). According to Galbraith, case poverty refers to individuals who are poor because  →

The Amish and Issues of Group / Communal Living

 The Amish are a religious sect in the United States who are marked by their resistance to many forms of modern technology such as electricity and modern communication devices. The Amish live apart from mainstream society and have a cooperative  →

Analysis of Harmful Representations of Women in the Media

Other essays and articles in the Arguments and Random Archives related to this topic include : • Marriage and Family on Television : Parody, Sitcom and “The Simpsons” •  The Need for FDA Regulation of the Dietary Supplement Industry  • Cognitive Therapy and the Treatment of Eating  →