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April 08, 2022

Middle East
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Warfare in Ancient Israel and the Importance of Iron

The general history of ancient Israel is, by its very nature, somewhat challenging to piece together, as the written and archaeological record is fragmentary (DeVaux & McHugh 213; Miller & Hayes 19). The limited information that is available is sourced  →

Ancient Egyptians and the Concept of Time

Time has become such an important aspect of modern civilization that people have difficulty conceptualizing the possibility of ancient cultures viewing time any differently than we do today (Whitrow 3). In fact, as Whitrow observed, “[f]or many people the way  →

8 Definitions from Middle Eastern History Every Student Should Know

Are you a student of the history of the Middle East or do you consider yourself well-versed on your definitions of important aspects of Middle Eastern history? Why not quiz yourself? Can you provide a definition of the following terms  →

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