Music, and our ability to relate to it, speaks volumes about our individuality. Music therapy is an internationally accepted form of treatment for an array of conditions since sound can be a way to break through barriers that traditional verbal and physical forms of therapy cannot.

For example, music therapy can be a powerful tool in opening the flow of communication for special needs kids who have trouble expressing themselves and interacting with others and the world around them. Music therapy comes in the form of singing and playing instruments, writing songs, and other listening exercises under the guidance of trained practitioners. The resources on this page all come from reliable and reputable groups within the worldwide music therapy community.

Music Therapy Information

These sites are operated by non-profit foundations. They are filled with valuable information about music therapy and can help connect you with others in the music therapy industry in different areas of the world.

Music Therapy Practitioners and Centers

The sites in this group are all centers that actively practice music therapy. They are all highly respected, long-standing institutions. Most are run from University schools and provide lots of great free sources of information about the field of music therapy. They are a fantastic place to start if you’re seeking treatment for someone you love.

  • Institute of Applied Psychomusicology – A group dedicated to sound therapy and treatment through music. Started by a psychologist and musician specializing in psychoeducation, the site offers literature and training for those who want to teach others about the therapeutic benefits of music.
  • The Rebecca Center for Music Therapy – Based out of Molloy College in New York, this non-profit music therapy center is renowned for its work in helping to increase function through music therapy in special needs children, teens, and adults. Additionally, they can help you find a reputable center in your area.
  • Nordoff Robbins Center at NYU – The center, operating as part of New York University’s Steinhardt School, offers degree programs in music therapy as well as on-site treatment and research. The site is rich with resources for anyone who is curious about music therapy.
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Music Therapy Pages – The Anderson Center is a part of the University of Texas Integrative Medicine family of treatment centers. Not only are there resources for those seeking music therapy internships through the center, but you can download and listen to specialized therapeutic music created through the institution.

Careers in Music Therapy

If you’re interested in become a practitioner of music therapy, check out some of these sites with information about educational programs, internship opportunities, and other resources to help you get your foot in the door of the industry.

  • Temple University’s Music Therapy FAQ Page – Temple University’s Boyer College of Music and Dance has put together this handy Q&A page to answer all of your basic questions about becoming a music therapist. While the page was created for potential students considering a career in music therapy, it’s a helpful resource for anyone who is curious about the concept.
  • California Department of Mental Health Internships – Hospital internships for music therapy students through the Department of Mental Health.
  • CSUN Music Therapy FAQs – A Q&A page from California State University at Northridge, outlining the steps it takes to get a music therapy degree as well as how to go about getting yourself certified and ready to work in the field.
  • SWOSU Music Therapy Pages – Southwestern Oklahoma State University’s Music Therapy Program offers up this great collection of resources for those interested in pursuing an education and career in music therapy. You’ll find everything from class descriptions to outside links for delving deeper into the world of practical and applied therapeutic music.

Music Therapy Stories

You can read all you want about music therapy as a practice, but there’s nothing like hearing stories from real people who have benefitted from music therapy. This collection of sites and pages will take you to the real-life stories of those who have experienced the healing benefits of music.

  • Soundscape Music Stories Page – This page is from the site of a music therapy center in Kentucky, and features links to well-written stories chronicling some of the personal success stories of applied music therapy. You’ll get a peek at actual patients and the therapy techniques used to help them flourish.
  • Center for Music Therapy Client Stories – This site includes firsthand testimonials attesting to the value of music therapy. Learn more about some of the specific conditions music therapy can be used to treat and the effects it can have on patients.
  • Stories from the Canada Music Therapy Trust – A fantastic collection of stories, told through text and video, of how music therapy has helped people to dramatically improve their quality of life and overcome communication and behavioral issues.
  • Success Stories from Pasadena Child Development – Touching stories from real parents who have watched changes in their own children as a result of applied music therapy. The center is a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing music therapy to as many children as possible.

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