Every Halloween season people clamor to try to find a scary movie for the Halloween heebie jeebies. With the current state of horror movies, this can often be an exercise in futility. Scary horror movies can be a great release for Halloween adult fun, and fortunately there are a few standbys that are sure to scare. This article will give you five fantastic options for your Halloween season.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)- This classic yet brutal horror film is considered to be one of the most innovative horror movies of all time. It was not because of slick production values, or even fantastic acting that this film has reached legendary horror status. It is due to the incredible suspense, visceral cinematography, and pure brutality that it brings to the horror genre. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one movie that no human being can sit through without being terrified. Amazingly, this was accomplished without a ton of gore. Though gore is certainly implied, the movie actually leaves most of the actual killing to your inflamed imagination as you watch. Do not watch this movie alone.

Psycho (1960)- No Halloween season would be complete without at least one viewing of Psycho. Hitchcock certainly broke the mold with this tale of a young man that is so emasculated by a controlling mother that he loses all sanity. In spite of this insanity, he is able to maintain an aura of normalcy and this is where the horror comes from. Years ahead of the genre, Hitchcock brought about one of the most terrifying examples of serial killer horror movies ever made. The shower scene is an absolute classic not only in horror, but in movie making as a whole.

Halloween (1978)- The very namesake of the Halloween holiday season is a must see movie at this time of year. The classic tale of Michael Myers is one that will leave you looking over your shoulder all night. A young Michael kills his sister one Halloween night and then returns on Halloween night as an escaped mental patient years later. The town of Haddonfield is depicted perfectly to set the mood for Halloween, and the use of music, mood, lighting, and sheer terror is second to none. This movie is among the best horror movies of all time.

The Shining (1980)- This movie, while not considered a Halloween mainstay certainly should be. Jack Nicholson stars as a writer staying with his family in an empty hotel in the dead of winter. The hotel is huge, and houses many secrets behind every door. Add to this that Nicholson ends up going stir crazy and mental, and you have a movie that will scare you to your core.