The natural world and its many animals represent vast evolutionary differences on our planet–and some creatures have evolved into dangerous predatory beings.

Throughout Africa there are several deadly snakes to be aware of. While many are familiar with the black mamba and other more famous species, many are unfamiliar with the deadly boomslang snake of Africa. Would you be able to recognize this tree-dwelling reptile?

The boomslang snake is a powerful but small snake that is often found throughout the same range as the deadly mambas of Africa. The green mamba, another deadly tree dwelling snake, is often confused with the boomslang. The boomslang is much smaller, and has a more oval shaped head than the green mamba. The boomslang snake has huge eyes relative to the size of its head, and these allow for outstanding vision for a snake. It needs this and all its other senses to hunt down the lizards and chameleons throughout the trees of Africa. It is ironic that the boomslang snake hunts down the chameleon. They are both masters of blending in to their surroundings.

Another feature that boomslang snakes have to help in the hunt for prey is a varying coloration. Boomslang snakes may be any number of colors, depending on the age and sex of the snake in question. They can be green, brown, tan, and many shades in between. They use this coloration to blend in and sneak up on unsuspecting prey. The boomslang snake of Africa usually grows to between three and six feet in length. The small size of this snake is not indicative of the danger, however. The boomslang snake is actually quite deadly to humans if they deliver a bite. The boomslang has rear fangs, and any bite from this snake is a medical emergency. The venom is deadly to man, and though symptoms may not appear immediately, they can come on quickly. Any bite should be immediately treated by a doctor.

Though the boomslang snake is deadly, it is not a common biter. This snake would much rather save its precious venom for the next meal, rather than use it to defend itself from some human. The problem with the boomslang is that it does blend in so well among the trees of Africa. Therefore, one must be careful around the trees of Africa. This beautiful reptile is one of the most fascinating snakes on the planet. The skill with which it climbs trees is incredible.

With some careful observation, humans and the deadly boomslang can live in harmony together without having to invade each others space.

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