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July 01, 2022

Placing Balanced, Appropriate Value on Educators Relative to Other Professions

While some schools have experimented with incentive-based salary increases for teachers based on objective standards such as test achievement, this seems like an unbalanced cornerstone for determining a teacher’s worth as test results vary greatly across districts and class types.  →

Transpersonal Theory and Social Work Practice in Children’s Services

The practice of integrating transpersonal theories in social work in the field of children’s services is essential as without it, the profession as a whole is overlooking one of the broadest and most significant areas of human behavior and thought.  →

Approaching the “Safe Haven” Law Through Theoretical Application

Nebraska is the only place in the United States with an open “safe haven” law that allows parents to abandon their children at an approved hospital without fear of legal reprisal, regardless of their age or the situation; the only  →

Proposal for Sharing Best Practices Workshop Series

Statement of Problem: This is a subjective topic that pits some challenging research questions and hypotheses about drug treatment within an agency context and as a larger social research topic. The author has previously indicated that one of the most  →

Substance Abuse and the Older Population

The mission and responsibility of social workers and other social service professionals is to provide direct care and treatment to vulnerable populations, as well as to expand the tangible resources that are needed by underserved groups (Haynes & White, 1999).  →

Case Studies of the Safety of Social Workers

Social workers both create new concepts in social research and within their own internal culture are tied to outside conditions in the larger society. From the world of childrens services to that of individual cases that require extensive backgrounds in  →

An Analysis of Theories in Science and Applications in Psychology

Before addressing more specific elements related to what comprises a theory, research question or hypothesis, it is useful to state what a theory actually is and how it can be differentiated from a simple idea or concept a scientist or  →

Premarital Counseling : Approaches, Reasons and Risk

“Beginning in the 1960s, the divorce rate dramatically climbed to unprecedented levels. Although the divorce rate is no longer increasing, a recent study found that 43% of first marriages end in divorce or separation within 15 years” (Williams, 2007, p.  →

Borderline Personality Disorder : Article Analysis

Introduction According to the DSM-IV, borderline personality disorder is generally defined by a “pervasive pattern of instability of interpersonal relationships, self-image, and affects, and marked impulsivity” (DSM-IV 2000) with these symptomatic elements of the disorder emerging in many situations and  →

War in Iraq Case Study

Pffiner’s case study, “The War on Iraq,” is a concise explanation of how the Bush administration made the decision to initiate a war against Saddam Hussein. Given that the daily news remains focused on the complexities and casualties of this  →