Years ago law enforcement and the military began playing simulation games. They started out playing paintball but have since taken to playing a different kind of game, airsoft. Airsoft is a game that requires each player to be equipped with protective gear and of course an airsoft gun. The main draw for many players when it comes to airsoft is the fact that airsoft guns are very realistic in appearance, feel and in weight to a real gun. Japan is where airsoft first began. This game took the place of regular citizens of Japan being able to purchase firearms since this is something that is extremely difficult in Japan with their strict rules and laws against firearms. This way, citizens of Japan could replace the fire range with a game of airsoft.

Airsoft is a team sport that can be played in large or small groups. The goal of the game is to shoot your opposing team, who is considered the enemy, before they have the chance to shoot you. Airsoft is a game built on the honor system since unlike the game paint ball you can not see when a person is shot. Just as with other extreme games you should wear such things as helmets, protective eyewear and pads to protect your body while playing airsoft.

Another fun aspect of airsoft is that in the game one member from each team is chosen as the doctor or medic of the group. This teammate will be there to evaluate the injury such as where the player was hurt and how long they need to “recover” before being able to come back into the game.

Airsoft guns are available in three different types and styles of guns. If you are just starting out with airsoft then you may want to purchase an airsoft spring loaded gun. The spring loaded guns are usually the cheapest airsoft guns. Next is the battery powered gun called an AEG. This gun is automatic but for it to be really powerful it will need an upgrade done by a professional. The most expensive airsoft gun is the gas gun. This airsoft gun uses gas, carbon dioxide, high-pressure air cartridges that are used to fire the airsoft pellets and propane. The airsoft gas gun is the most powerful of the three types of airsoft guns available.

The items you will need to begin playing airsoft is an airsoft gun, pellets for your gun and of course the protective gear we discussed earlier. If you find that you really enjoy playing airsoft and want to take the game to the next level there are more items that you can incorporate into the game such as rifles, grenades and pistols. While buying these items can end up costing you a pretty penny, for the dedicated airsoft player it will be money well spent.

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