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August 24, 2019

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Analysis and Review of the Film “Nice Colored Girls” by Tracey Moffatt

The film, which is at once almost a documentary and almost a piece of exploitative fiction on film by Tracey Moffatt entitled, “Nice Colored Girls” follows three young women who are Australian aborigines as they are pursued by a white  →

Film Review and Analysis of the Documentary “The Merchants of Cool”

One of the most troubling aspects of the documentary film “The Merchants of Cool” is that the demographic that has fallen victim to this mass-marketed rebellion is the one that is most familiar. Just as its aim appears to be, the  →

Marriage and Family on Television : Parody, Sitcom and “The Simpsons”

Marriage and family are common themes on many television shows and are often the basis for sitcoms, including animated ones like The Simpsons, which is basically about the exploits of one family, the Simpsons themselves, and their interactions with their  →