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June 27, 2019

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Tokyo City Profile with Emphasis on the Role of Globalization in Continued Development

Tokyo is one of the preeminent global cities in the world with a vital economic foundation and continued focus on modernity and maintaining their position as one of the most modern industrial and financial centers. It is a model for  →

The Nuclear Path of North Korea: Historical Examination of United States Interests & Involvement

News that North Korea had secretly resumed its nuclear weapons program hit the front pages in the United States less than four years ago and has remained in the headlines since its highly-publicized tests in the past months. ┬áSince that  →

The Development and History of European Unification

The notion of a unified Europe extends at least as far back as the mid- 20th┬ácentury, when in 1943 British prime minister Winston Churchill announced his vision of forming a unified political, economic, and social bloc, a strategic arrangement that  →

Condensed History of the Vietnam War : Major Events and Facts

The Vietnam War is considered to have begun in the early 1960s, but like all wars, there was a series of events leading up to the Vietnam War that preceded American troops entering a prolonged armed conflict with the Vietnamese  →