It can be really tough to deal with food boredom. Really tough. Most people have two kinds of food boredom. One is that you literally get bored with eating the same thing every single day, and the other kind of food boredom is that when you find yourself bored, you start stuffing your face and the calories just start to add up. But, let’s focus on food boredom itself.

When we go to the grocery store, we want to save money but eat diverse, interesting, but affordable food items.

For the first kind of food boredom, it can be hard to really beat it. I mean, who wants to eat the same kind of salad or same kind of chicken every single day? It makes total sense to be bored! Well, the best way to beat that trick is to simply slow down. I know it seems too easy, but studies have shown that if you actually count to 10 or so in between your bites, you’ll slow down and actually enjoy that flavor of your food more. It also gives your brain more time to process and enjoy the food, which makes eating a more thoughful process and not something that is boring.

Another trick is to actually look at your food in the manner that a critic or connoisseur would. You want to consider things about it, such as the scent, its texture and taste, and the appearance. By placing more focus on the details of something that is so standard for you to prepare and do, you will be able to actually make it more interesting and actually removes the monotony, because it isn’t you just mindlessly repeating the shovelling of food into your mouth.

And, here’s a bit more of a juvenile approach to dealing with food boredom, but if you’re really sick of eating the same thing, then look online for creative recipes using some of your favorite ingredients. Okay, so you love chicken but you’re sick of eating it grilled with the same veggies day in and day out? Then find a recipe that you know incorporates those veggies and your chicken, and you might find that it’s something you’re absolutely in love with.

Even presentation can make a huge difference, because we all know that the better it looks to us, the more we’ll want to eat it. If it doesn’t look appetizing, you can count us out. So, when you make dinner in the evening, take the extra two minutes to make sure you arrange it in a neat way that makes you want it more. That way, it doesn’t look like blah food that you’re not interested in in even the slightest. And finally, get creative. So you like salads well enough but they’ve gotten boring day after day? Then add some new flavors or just a slight difference. Instead of some croutons, try sunflower seeds! Just a subtle change mixed with a focus on your food like recent studies have suggested will help you enjoy that once-dull meal.

There are quite a few different ways to beat that boredom you might feel about having the same food all the time, so go ahead! Try them out! Your brain will love you.

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